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Not so long ago, it was difficult to find a good wooden toy for your little one. Plastic toys were (and still are) to be found everywhere. Then about five years ago a rennaisance of-sorts happened: new parents who remembered playing with wooden toys in the 1970's began seeking them out, and demand eventually resulted in supply. European wooden toy workshops, which had always been making for their local markets, suddenly found themselves with orders from around the world, Melbourne included. Asian workshops set up and provided a lower-quality product, but to a more price-conscious part of the market (and as the saying goes: 'you get what you pay for').

We would first like to feature on this website, a personal favorite, the toys of a small and high-tech workshop based in the countryside of Southern Poland: 'Bajo'. The logo incorporates a ladybug, which is an ancient symbol of protection of children. In Poland the 'J' is pronounced as a 'Y'. I guess in Spain they call the brand 'Ba-ho'!.


Bajo wooden toys are very well-designed & made toys for children from 1 to about 3 years old.

They are adorable, and it's not unsusal to find that once you have one, you want to start a collection.

These toys are CNC-machined from Maple, Birch and Beech wood, coated with bright colours children love (certified non-toxic, from Germany), hand-finished and boxed in simple brown cardboard. They look great because they are great! They are designed by a man who also lectures in design at Krakow University, Wojtek Bajor.


The brand Bajo has been going-strong since the mid-1980's, when Wojtek started making toys for his infant daughter. Others liked the toys so much that pretty-soon he was making full-time, and winning awards for his toys in Germany. This was before the Iron Curtain was drawn-back, so was quite a feat in itself. Wojtek lives with his wife Basia, in a little log cabin which he fixed-up from a derelict state, and this is on the edge of a lovely forest, just up the track from the Bajo workshop. Squirrels dart amongst the trees, and deer come to graze on the lawn, woodpeckers yammer away in the forest. A simple, rewarding life.

The Bajo range is extensive, with over 700 models. Naturally, that's too much to have in a catalogue, so a selection of the best-sellers is what is on offer in Australia. There is a lot of work involved in making a good wooden toy, and most of it is by hand. It's a marvel of organisation that this small workshop is supplying its toys all around the world!

Bajo's design ethos is to provide fun items which can be used by the child to develop vital skills, self-educate and discover. The toys marry vibrant colour with natural timber grain, and are noticeably simple. As Frank Llyod Wright said about good design "it's not what you put into it, but what you take away." so too is Bajor's design ethos. Let the child IMAGINE, don't provide too much detail, make the toy safe, and strong, let the child experience good design and quality of product.

The workshop is in a small village an hour's drive South East from Krakow. It's a place of apple trees, plum orchards and the odd EU-gifted cow. It's a lovely place to make good wooden toys.


Bajo toys are imported by Bajo Toys Australia Pty Ltd, based in Byron Bay. BAJO AU

They import rattles, educational toys, pull and push alongs, small and large vehicles, childrens furniture, rocking horses and animals.


Bajo make: wooden rattles, rattles with a bell, baby walker, walking trolley, hammer boards, hammer and peg board, abacus, stackers, pull along, push along, spinning flower, josephine stacker, snail sortroller, sortroller, mobile, children's furniture, child's desk and chair, money boxes, jet plane, airplane, fire engine, tip truck, racing car, police car, logging truck, Alphabet blocks, rocking horse, dubby, VW, auto transporter, toy train, train puzzle, Nemo stacker, wooden animals. BAJO RETAILERS MELBOURNE: Click on the logos below. or visit: victoria retailers

Fairground Child   boy and girl   Walrus and Carpenter         voco    
treetop toy shop Tiny Polkadots
MGT Bendigo        

When in Krakow, be sure to visit the Bajo store, in the centre of the old town, just up from Wavel Castle. You'll find factory-prices a great treat!


Thank-you for stopping-by, I hope this article has been informative.

We look forward to reviewing another brand of European made toys soon.

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